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Samsung DV300F Smart Camera Review

Veevid4u : I just bought this camera on ebay. Everything works as you describe here. My question is, it's supposed to have touch screen feature, but it's not addressed in your video. Could you explain how to get this touch screen feature to work? Thanks for your tutorial, great video, clear instructions and illustrations.
MsTeeBoo29 : Thanks for the tutorial. I've had this camera for 2years and you just showed me a lot that I had no idea about.
CupcakesnCrushes : Does the dual screen work while you're recording a video and how many minutes does it record up to? Thanks!
sultanaTW : How long does the battery life last for?
davidgr2 : Thanks for the review..I bought this camera today from Groupon for like $109.99 USD..Just wanted to share this amazing deal..

Samsung DV300F review en unboxing (NL/BE)

Samsung DV300F aanschaffen? Ga naar: http://coolb.lu/samsung-dv300f-black

Samsung DV300F Camera Review

Tony Wang from Before You Buy reviews the Samsung DV300F Camera




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